33 Miles, 33Miles (o.o)
Anberlin, Cities (8.o)
Army of Me, Citizen (6.2)
BarlowGirl, How Can We Be Silent (4.7)
Building 429, Iris to Iris (4.1)
Caedmon’s Call, Overdressed (6.4)
Castledoor, Follow the Dove EP (6.9)
Casting Crowns, The Altar and the Door (1.9)
David Crowder Band, A Collision (7.1)
Falling Up, Dawn Escapes (3.9)
Jars of Clay, Good Monsters (7.0)
Lifehouse, Who We Are (3.2)
Mae, Singularity (7.1)
Phil Wickham, Phil Wickham (4.4)
The Rocket Summer, Do You Feel (7.4)
Scott Orr, Miles from Today (7.7)
Wavorly, Conquering the Fear of Flight (6.0)
Derek Webb, The Ringing Bell (9.0)



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